About Us

Proud to provide the best scuba instruction in Chicago

At Scuba Sensations, we’ll help you grow and find enjoyment through one of the most thrilling and engaging adventure sports in the world – scuba diving. Whether it’s dipping your toe in the pool and learning to snorkel, enjoying the smooth, gentle waves of the open ocean, or descending to explore exotic marine life and sunken wrecks, we will help you experience our amazing underwater world.


A full 70 percent of our planet’s surface is covered in water. Sure, you have may have seen the Eiffel Tower, pyramids, Taj Mahal, and Mount Rushmore, but have you ever wondered what treasures lie outside the land-locked realm, just beyond your reach? Take the next step in your grand tour and dive into a world unlike any you’ve ever experienced, where the sights and sounds will never cease to amaze you.

Personal Growth

Confidence. Independence. Leadership. Teamwork. Scuba diving reveals and extends parts of your character we all possess, but which might not have emerged yet. As you take classes you’ll do things you never thought possible, and you’ll discover a courage within that’s eager to take on new challenges. Diving awakens your inner fire and harnesses it into a power to fuel your life.


The modern world is fast-paced and loud. You rush from one thing to the next, seldom getting a moment to catch your breath. In contrast, diving requires you to slow down and breathe. Diving is an inherently peaceful and serene experience, with moments of wonder and awe that leave you speechless. Your mind, body and soul feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The feeling of well-being might surprise you.


Diving is better with friends. Whether you learn and travel with a trusted companion, or you get acquainted with someone new you meet in class, your sense of amazement and exhilaration will be intensified when you share it with others. Our dive trips offer plenty of group fun and enjoyment, and the experience is a great way to deepen your relationship with that special someone.

About Rami

Summer 1994. 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Desert all around. No water to be seen. Solution? Scuba diving. Growing up in Saudi Arabia, Rami enjoyed the many benefits of desert life: stayed slim due to constant perspiration, had a great tan because even at night the lingering effects of the sun were at work and lawn care was easy as lawn did not exist. Riding his camel to school every day, Rami dreamt of something more, something different and something cooler. Then it came to him . . . Learn to Dive! Instantly Rami knew he had to do it. So as not to go down alone, he convinced several of his high school friends to join the cause and at the age of sixteen he began his new adventure. Learning to dive in the Udhailiyah pool, Qurrayah beach in Abqaiq and then conquering the Persian Gulf and Red Sea, Rami knew he found his calling. At least as much of a calling a 16 year old may find. For the next 3 years Rami dived as much as he could, usually when home for his summer vacation.

As life went on and education got in the way, Rami put his dive career on hold. After living in places like Southern California, San Antonio and Phoenix, Rami finally settled down in Chicago and figured what better place to take up diving than the Windy City. In the summer of 2006, Rami found an intriguing job posting: Certified Scuba Divers Wanted.

Now, 10 years after his last dive, Rami was reminded of his long, last passion for diving. He remembered the incredibly warm waters of the Red Sea, the seemingly unlimited visibility and the vast array of colors, corals and magnificent sea creatures. He knew he had to get back in the water. After contacting the person responsible for the job posting, Rami learned some new things: he would need a wetsuit; the water would be 52 degrees instead of the 85 he remembered and he would be diving in a fish tank. Nonetheless, he took on this new challenge. For several months he worked one or two days a week cleaning the fish tanks at the Bass Pro Shop in Gurnee, IL.

During his time with the Bass Pro Shop tank cleaning crew, Rami became familiar with a local dive shop in the Chicago area. After renting his wetsuit from them several times, he was offered a part time job. It is here he started his official career in the dive industry. Here he learned all about politics, economics, life, love, heartbreak and every once in a while Scuba. Rami worked his way into a full time position and eventually became the shop manger as well as lead Instructor.

In 2009 Rami opened Scuba Sensations in the West Rogers Park neighborhood located on Chicago’s north side. Rami’s passionate desire to share diving with anyone interested (and even those who don’t know it yet) is contagious. Rami teaches classes for kids, families, adults, friends and professionals. He enjoys working with new divers taking the PADI Discover Scuba Diving or Open Water Diver Courses, teaching specialties such as Nitrox, Dry Suit Diver and Night Diver, or working with advanced divers on his favorite course, Rescue Diver.