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Welcome Aboard Mateys . . . Arrrrrgggg!!!


 Cabo Pulmo  (November 2017)

Sea Lion Diving at Los Frailes BayRapidly becoming one of our favorite dive destinations, last November we took a group of new and seasoned divers to explore this hidden gem. In the few short days we were there, we experienced a stunning myriad of sea life. From schools of tens of thousands of fish to sea lions, bull sharks to eagle rays, nudibranchs to shipwrecks . . . There is a lot to enjoy here.

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Magical Philippines (April 2018)

In February 2014, our fabulous hosts, Arie, Desiree and the rest of the Magic Island team hosted us at their breathtaking resort on Cebu Island. At the time, Magic Oceans was not ready for guests, but now the time has come. Join us for 10 of critter diving and don’t forget your macro lens and magnifier glass!

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 Hammer Time: Return to Cocos  (August 2018)

For years people looked at me sideways when I told them I had not been to Cocos Island. Now that I have, I get it. In September 2016, 18 of the Scuba Sensations faithful experienced the underwater world like never before. Hundreds and hundreds of hammerheads, tiger sharks, Galapagos sharks, whale shark, devil ray, manta rays, and dolphins. Do not miss our epic return to . . . Fantasy Island.

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Adventure on the Sea of Cortez (October 2019)

Schooling of Big Eye JacksJoin us and Dora, owner extraordinaire of the Rocio del Mar, on a two week journey exploring Baja, Mexico Sea of Cortez style . . . from San Jose del Cabo to Puerto Peñasco, 700 to 800 miles of pure adventure. The distance depends on which website you ask.


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