Scuba Courses

A Complete Range of Scuba Instruction

Intro Courses

New to Scuba? Returning for a refresher? Get certified for your dive vacation with one of our intro courses. We also offer recreational courses. They are a fun way for kids to get their first exposure to Scuba equipment and techniques.

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Advanced Courses

Ready to take your dive skills to the next level? Learn about wreck diving, underwater photography, dive rescue, underwater navigation and more. Attain a higher level of certification while mastering more challenging diving techniques.

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Emergency Courses

Learn how to recognize and treat a variety of dive-related health issues. Topics include EFR, CPR, AED, treatment of shock, treatment of marine life injuries and more. Your competent administration of care to a fellow diver could save a life.

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Specialty Courses

Acquire a deeper knowledge of the topics introduced in our Advanced series. Learn more about diving in drifts, deep water and ice; expand your awareness of aquatic life and their habitats; master underwater photography and videography.

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