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AHA CPR, First Aid & AED (American Heart Association)

AHA CPR 1st Aid AED ClassroomWhilst we offer the American Heart Association CPR, First Aid, and AED course for our customers as a prerequisite for certain dive training, the course is available to anyone: divers and non-divers. During your course, we will cover basic yet potentially life saving techniques like chest compressions, AED administration, dealing with a choking victim, and more. The AHA CPR, First Aid, and AED course is great for people of all ages. It’s an excellent class for a family to take together, coworkers, couples, friends, etc. I ran out of ideas of who could take it, but it’s almost anyone!

What You LearnWhat's InvolvedGear You NeedUpcoming ClassesCost

Our American Heart Association CPR, First Aid, and AED Course consists of one three to four hour training session held at the shop or your location (for private groups). Before class, you will pick up your student manual and do the required reading. In class we will review what you learned and get our hands “dirty.” These are some of the key topics we will cover:

  • Describe how high-quality CPR improves survival
  • Recognize when someone needs CPR
  • Perform high-quality CPR for an adult
  • Describe how to perform CPR with help from others
  • Give effective breaths by using mouth-to-mouth using barriers
  • Demonstrate how to use an AED on an adult
  • Describe when and how to help a choking adult or child
  • List the priorities, roles, and responsibilities of first aid rescuers
  • Describe the assessment and first aid actions for the following life-threatening conditions: heart attack, difficulty breathing, choking, severe bleeding, shock, and stroke
  • Use an epinephrine pen
  • Control bleeding and bandaging
  • Recognize the legal questions that apply to first aid rescuers

Step 1: Contact Us with any questions or for class availability.

Step 2: Be sure you meet the prerequisite requirements.

  • Be at least 12 years old

Step 3: Stop by the shop to register and pick up your student manual.

Step 4: Come to class and learn.

Gear you are responsible for providing:

  • Your brain power.


Spots Remaining are as of 04/05/2017
Day Date Start End
Classroom Session Tuesday Apr 11 7:00 PM 10:30 PM
     – 4 Spots Remaining
Classroom Session Thursday May 11 7:00 PM 10:30 PM
     – 4 Spots Remaining
Classroom Session Tuesday Jun 6 7:00 PM 10:30 PM
     – 4 Spots Remaining

Course Fee – $85 and Includes

  • Student Manual
  • Course Materials
  • Training
  • Certification Processing