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Since opening the shop in January 2011, we have taken our customers, and now friends, all over the world on some exciting life experiences. After diving with a mama Humpback and her calf at Roca Partida (Socorro Islands), Ron said it was “like a dream he never had.” I feel we have that experience on all our dive trips The underwater wold offer much for us to see, and it is almost always new.

Whether it’s spending 60 minutes in one place photographing mating mandarin fish, or drifting in the blue with a hundred hammerheads, schooling jacks, and marble rays. Whether it’s the tranquility and awe of drifting along Cozumel’s coral reefs, or chasing sharks, dolphins, manta, rays and whales in the clear blue water of the Pacific. Whether it’s a relaxing island getaway, or an action packed adventure in the rainforest and on remote islands. And when you can’t wait for all that fun, and you feel compelled to throw on your dry suit and explore the mysterious wrecks of Lake Michigan, or surreal passageways of Bonne Terre Mine. We have a lifetime experience waiting for you.

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Lake Michigan Wreck Diving

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Visit Our Photo Galleries and Relive Past Dive Trips as Often as You Like

From Mexico to the Philippines. From Kankakee to Costa Rica. From reefs to caves. From quarries to mines. We never leave home without our camera. Enjoy our collection of underwater and topside images from Scuba Sensations’ journeys around the globe.


Magic Island Philippines

Philippines 2014

Cocos Island Costa Rica

Cocos Island 2016

SensationVision Coco View Style

Coco Roatan 2011

Vanoucer Island BC

Vancouver Island 2012


Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

Cabo Pulmo 2016

Cenotes and Cozumel, Mexico

Cenotes and Cozumel 2016

Cozumel Blue Angel Style

Cozumel 2012

Baitball at El Boiler, Socorro

Socorro & Sea of Cortez 2015