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Dive Trip Deposits Demystified

Dear SCUBA Friends and Travelers,

As many of you already know, we are continuously working on, researching, and “testing” various dive destinations to best provide you with unique Scuba Sensations dive travel experiences. If you have not braved one of our adventures, what are you waiting for?

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Why Travel With Us

It’s easy to sit here and tell you how awesome our trips are. Don’t just believe me. Here are some of the aspects of Scuba Sensations’ trips past guests have told us they enjoyed:




  • The level of camaraderie and friendship established with the group early on
  • The feeling of being taken care of and looked after
  • Having all the details handled. All you do is show up.
  • How much diving we do. Our trips are about diving as much as we can.
  • Improving one’s dive skill level. We generally have 3 or 4 instructors and Divemasters on trips who are happy to give pointers and work with you so you enjoy diving more.


Deposits and Payments: Why So Far in Advance

Once a trip is booked, we start taking deposits immediately to ensure we keep the spots. After picking a destination, our number one question is: when is the best time of year to dive there. For most top diving spots this window is limited, maybe one to four months. As you can imagine these few months are in high demand each year by individuals and dive groups. So much so, operators in these popular destinations book 18 to 36 months in advance. For example, our 2019 trip aboard the Rocio del Mar, was one of only two trips available three years out and our 2018 return to Cocos was the only trip available during the peak season for two years.  This time frame is especially relevant to Scuba Sensations because we are booking for groups of 12 to 20, not just one or two people.

What does that mean for Scuba Sensations? Because we want to take you to amazing places, we start our planning two to four years in advance. That’s right, we’re already talking about 2019 and 2020. What does this mean regarding reservations, deposits, commitments, etc?  Here’s how this works:

We decide where and when we want to have a group trip. We do much of this planning at Fireside Bar and Grill, Prairie Moon, and SCUBA trade shows like DEMA and Our World Underwater. Once we reserve our group’s trip, the shop must pay the deposit and make payments on a set schedule until full payment is made. Your deposits and payment schedule are based on this agreement between the shop and resorts and liveaboards.  To be clear, I’m not just collecting your money and sitting on it for its amazing .01 % interest return.  I use it to make the payments necessary to the resort/live-a-board to keep our vacation dreams alive.

I understand it is difficult to plan for and commit to a holiday one year out, let alone two or three. Sometimes that’s what it takes to come face to face with a mama Humpback and her “little” calf at 30 feet. Or have a pod of dolphins play with you for 20 minutes, laying out demanding a belly rub. Perhaps you like a little adrenaline and want to swim for hours on a bait ball with dolphins, a giant tuna, and countless sharks (I think someone counted 40). I digress with sneaky marketing tactics. Back to the transfer of funds from your account to Scuba Sensations.



Usually, from the time we book, there is a period to cancel the trip or drop spots with no penalty (cancellation policy is listed on each trip page). For us to determine the group size or book an entire resort or liveaboard, we need your assistance. If you wish you join us for one of these trips, click on the corresponding link above for deposit deadlines and payment schedules. Once the deadline is reached, spots with no deposits will be released to the resort.

To make the process less painful for you, we have taken a couple measures:

  1. Deposits have been reduced to $499 (unless we are past future payment deadlines).
  2. Payment schedules have been adjusted to give you more time to come up with more money.

If you have any questions, as always, please contact Rami at rami@scubasensations.com or (312) 404-7785. Don’t forget to check our Trip Page to pick your next adventure.

All the Best