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Island of the Great Whites

Close Encounters with the Great White Kind:
Isla Guadalupe (Solmar V)

August 4 – 10, 2017
$4,000 (per person)

  • Double Occupancy Cabin
  • Airfare Not Included (must be in San Diego by Friday 08/04/2017)

20 Spots Total


  • 3 Days of Great White Shark Diving
    • 2 Surface Cages / 1 Submerged Cage at 30 Feet
    • Lots of shark time in water with plenty of great photo opps
  • All Meals Aboard the Solmar V & Wine with Dinner
  • Snacks, Water, Soda and Beer Aboard the Solmar V
  • Hotel Stay in Downtown San Diego (08/04/2017)
  • Luxury Motor Coach Transfers from San Diego to Solmar V and Back
  • $15 Park Fee
  • 16% Mexican IVA Tax

Not Included

  • Airfare, Tips for Solmar V Crew and Personal Expenses


We’ve enjoyed the glory of the Solmar V three times now. On our first three expeditions we visited the Socorro Islands and Sea of Cortez encountering Humpback Whales, schools of sharks, playful dolphins, Pacific Giant Mantas, Sea Lions, a bait ball, Bigeye Jacks schooling by the thousands and much more. For our fourth adventure with the lovable crew of the 119′ green and yellow sea monster, we are heading to Guadalupe Island to dance with the king of the ocean: the Great White Shark (Carcharodon Carcharias).

Since our first trip with our new friends, they have been encouraging us to experience Isla Guadalupe and the Great Whites. Boasting the clearest waters for Great White observation, Guadalupe is a mere 18 hour ride from Ensenada, Mexico. Join us for what is an all but guaranteed adventure watching, photographing and hopefully interacting with these magnificent giants of the ocean. With 10 divers in the water at a time, every day you will have hours of up close action with one, two, three or more sharks.

Why Solmar V:

  • Safety. They pioneered cage diving at Guadalupe Island! Their experienced and professional crew put safety first. They have a 100% safety record for all of their guests since they started in 2005.
  • They travel to Guadalupe Island at the height of the migration period for the sharks through that area. Even though they do not guarantee encounters, they have been traveling to Guadalupe Island during August, September and October since 2005 and, so far, have a 100% success rate of encounters with the great white sharks.
  • They only take 20 guests which, in turn, allows for a maximum amount of cage time. They operate two 4 person cages plus one 3 person submersible cage and this enables them to rotate 10 divers every hour. Since they operate from sunrise to sundown, that’s a lot of cage time.
  • The Solmar V has a great topside shark viewing deck right above the surface cages where the guests can watch the action between dives. It is low to the water and provides the opportunity to capture great pictures and video of the sharks around the cages. If the sharks happen to come out of the water after the bait, the pictures or video from this deck can be amazing.
  • Lots of sharks! Their crew and shark experts on board the Solmar V have photo identified over 140 different sharks at Guadalupe. Plus, they have observed a significant increase from year to year in the number of different sharks visiting the area. This is the highest group of sharks photo identified in the world.
  • Visibility at Guadalupe Island is excellent and It is not uncommon to be able to see 100 feet or more. This gives the guests plenty of opportunities to catch the perfect photo of the great white shark in its natural environment.
  • Warm water: The water temperature at Guadalupe Island is 67 – 73°F. Other destinations the water temperature can be as low as 50°F.
  • Solmar V is the only boat at Guadalupe Island that has adopted the use of 10 foot extension platforms in each corner of the stern (rear of the boat) enabling their shark wranglers to have much better control of the bait used to tease and safely bring the sharks very close to the cages.





Check out these videos of our last trips aboard the Solmar V:

Trip Requirements

  • Must have dive insurance (DAN Dive Insurance)
  • To dive in the submerged cage, must be a certified diver.


  • 10 Cabins 2 People Per Cabin
  • Shower, Sink and Toilet in Each Cabin


Please note, trips sell out. To hold your spot, please stop by with or send your deposit of $1,000. Your spot is not reserved until your deposit is received.

  • 07/01/2016 – 2nd Payment of $1,000 Due ($2,000 total due by this date)
  • 11/01/2016 – 3rd Payment of $1,000 Due ($3,000 total due by this date)
  • 04/01/2017 – Final Payment of $1,000 Due ($4,000 total due by this date)

Payments may be made by:

  • Cash or Check Payable to Scuba Sensations
  • Chase QuickPay to rami@scubasensations.com
  • Credit Card or PayPal to rami@scubasensations.com
    • There is a 4% service charge for these 2 payment methods

Please contact us with any questions.