Bryan – Sep. 2015

I thought it was a great program you delivered on your commitment not to just train them but build their skills so they could be confident and comfortable with Scuba. That goes way beyond just addressing the material, my wife got certified but never developed this confidence.  That was what I really wanted for them was ability to be comfortable doing Scuba and believe in their skills.  I can truly say to my wife with confidence, they are ready to dive…..it took me some convincing that I could see them at 40ft (after all they are mostly goofs) with a tank of air, but they did it Sunday.   Thank you, Steve, Rob, Renee and the rest of the Scuba Sensations team.  I hope we can dive together sometime, if not all of us, well when they go off to college I should be free to travel……big sharks, Manta’s and pristine reefs……..who knows maybe I can get them to take the advance class with me someday…….

Mike – Sep. 2015

Rami and everyone at Scuba Sensations made the SCUBA learning process fun; but more importantly, took the time to teach correct methods and focus on each, individual diver.  The lessons (both classroom and in the water) are tailored to each student and make the process fun.  I walked away feeling extremely confident in my skills as a diver (very important when you are 50 ft. underwater) and would recommend to anyone looking to learn to dive or getting certified.

Julie – Feb. 2015

I was completely new to diving, and admittedly a little nervous about my first scuba trip, so I felt so fortunate finding Rami and Scuba Sensations. I could tell after a few minutes of conversation that this guy was the real deal: diving is a way of life for him, and he wants to share the passion with his clients. I chose to do my “classroom” study in Rami’s shop, and that ended up being the perfect answer for me…. some of the basic principles of diving/dive safety that I read about only truly sunk in when Rami illustrated them thru conversation and visual references. And, as seriously as he treats the learning the necessary skills, he does it all with a casual ease and sense of humor that keep everything in perspective.

Lonnie – Nov. 2014

If you’re looking to do any level of PADI certification I would highly recommend Scuba Sensations.  I went into the Open Water training not knowing what to expect.  What I discovered was an awesome learning environment fostered by Rami, an extremely passionate and knowledgeable instructor and diver.  Not only did he make the learning process fun but he encouraged me to take full advantage of the certification and dive as much as possible!

Katie – Jul. 2014

My experience with Scuba Sensations includes the PADI Open Water Diver course, gear consultation and purchase, and the Open Water Dive Certification. Every class and every transaction was a positive, human experience. I always look forward to visiting the shop whether it is for a purchase, gear fitting, or practice a scuba skill. Rami helped me select the best gear for me, which I appreciated since I had never considered dive gear before.

Naser – Dec. 2013

This is going to be a long review, so for those who don’t want to read the whole things here’s the short story: this is great place to shop, Rami is patient, knowledgeable, and honest, I have no hesitation to enthusiastically recommend his services (store or lessons), I would shop here again in a heartbeat, and if (when?) I do scuba certification this is where I will go, no questions asked.

Christine – Oct. 2013

The experience of scuba diving with Scuba Sensations exceeded my expectations far beyond what I could have ever imagined. I started my certification with pool dives and classroom training in Chicago and finished my certification on a trip through the shop in Roatan, Honduras.  Everyone I met, from Rami, the owner of the shop, to the dive masters to the people on the trip, were amazingly supportive, fun, funny, down to earth and friendly.  I went into the scuba trip with people I hardly knew, had one of the most amazing experiences of my lifetime, and left the trip feeling like I had a scuba family.

Dan – Feb. 2013

Took scuba classes with Rami at Scuba Sensations, and can’t really think of any way that the experience could have been any better. The store isn’t some giant superstore, but they have a pretty good selection, reasonable prices, and a valuable asset in Rami, who is engaged, engaging, and very helpful.  A cool resource on Chicago’s North Side.

Piriya – Oct. 2012

Rami and his crew at Scuba Sensations are simply amazing! They focus on providing high-quality, thorough, and FUN instruction/training in all aspects of scuba to produce safe and competent divers. The dive shop also has a great selection of gear, and Rami will spend whatever time you need to answer all of your questions. We will definitely be taking more training courses and buying more gear from here!

Faisal – Dec. 2012

Great place to learn scuba for PADI certification and buy gear! Rami and staff are very flexible and knowledgeable. The gear is competitively priced and there is a diverse collection to choose from. They are always there to guide you at every step of your scuba life. They also have a scuba community going and arrange trips locally as well as national and international scuba getaways.

Mara – Feb. 2012

We didn’t expect much from a small shop off of the street, but we were quite impressed. Rami encouraged my husband to try different masks until he found the right one.

My husband looked online later, and masks were the same cost as he paid in the store. We want to support an independent, and knowing that we didn’t get ripped off is a bonus!

Renee – May 2012

I ONLY have great things to say about Scuba Sensations! The owner Rami and his whole caring, informative staff are like a warm family. The classes, pool sessions and open water dives were fun, high quality and well organized. There is plenty of laughing but it doesn’t overpower the seriousness and importance of the education. They make sure, once, twice and three times that you don’t forget what you are being taught. The classes are small and personal. WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY SPENT!

David – Aug. 2012

My fiance and I were given scuba diving lessons for an engagement gift. Rami and his staff made it a wonderful experience. Not only did we learn everything to be certified, but we had such a fun experience we want to dive with these guys again and again. I would recommend Scuba Sensations to anyone looking to learn or buy, because they are knowledgeable, fun, honest and generally good people.

Tallulah – May 2012

I not only feel completely confident in the skills I learned with them and super excited for my upcoming dive trip, I have some wonderful people in my life I can call friends. Thank you Rami, you’re the greatest.

Kristen – Nov. 2012

We had 4 people in our group that all wanted to take the class together, and we all have crazy work schedules. Rami actually configured his work week and was flexible enough to make it so that we could all get certified together! SO AWESOME 🙂

Stephanie – Nov. 2012

Working with Scuba Sensations to get my Open Water Diver certification was a great experience. Rami and his crew are all knowledgeable, helpful, and fun to work with. Rami has been great about keeping up with me and offering his help to find further dive experiences. I would recommend Scuba Sensations classes as well as the dive shop to buy equipment.

Andrew – Sep 2015

I would like to take a minute to thank the crew at Scuba Sensations for welcoming me with open arms (and fins) to dive with them this summer. I don’t know many people that dive so it’s hard for me to go. When I met Rami and Brad they were very friendly and kind. They didn’t mind if I dove with them and they introduced me to quite a few new friends. I only wish I have met them sooner. Any future certifications that I do will definitely be done with them. There are closer stores to me than them but I’m not going to sacrifice comfort and safety for convenience. All future certs I will be doing through them. Awesome people give them a try you won’t regret it.

Michael – Aug. 2015

I went here to get scuba certified almost 3 years ago and I can’t tell you how great an experience it was. Rami (the guy running the shop, teaching the classes, and doing the certification dives) is one of the nicest and most down to earth people I’ve ever met in my life. He’s perfect for this kind of business and really should be doing it in a much more desirable climate where he can dive year round and live in paradise because he deserves it. He’s a real people person. Never once during my certification process did he try to push merchandise that I probably don’t need on me. Seeing as that’s where the guy makes a majority of his money (profits are in the merch, not the classes) this was a refreshing treat compared to the other places I’ve ever taken classes for something at.

Emily – Feb. 2015

Rami is the absolute best! First off, some of the greatest customer service I have ever experienced! I have been open water certified for 12 years and my experience with Rami and Scuba Sensations is one of the best I have experienced for my gear. I did not dive with Scuba Sensations. I did take my gear to be serviced after collecting dust for far too long before a big diving trip to the Cayman Islands. I took two regulators and a BC (all of different manufacturers) to Rami two weeks before my trip and he was more than accommodating for drop off AND pick up times. Even with the poor Chicago winter weather, he stayed open late to let me drop off my gear before my trip. When pick up time came, I was having an issue with picking up during regular hours so Rami opened the shop for me to pick up my gear!

Ryan – Sep. 2014

If you’ve ever been interested in learning SCUBA, this is the place to go.  Rami is the man and is a great teacher. He’s also a really funny guy so that helps make the classwork less boring. Although he’s a funny guy, he’s serious about SCUBA and he will make sure you are comfortable and that everyone knows the plan before descending (pool or otherwise). We did our open water cert through Scuba Sensations and the certification dives were at the Haigh quarry in Kankakee. It made for a fun weekend hanging out with the other divers and the instructors. The instructors are all really friendly and fun to hang out with.

Dave – Oct. 2013

was recommended to Rami and Scuba Sensations through a friend- I would classify myself as someone hoping to take PADI certification seriously and learn it the right way. I was impressed with the experience. Rami was technically oriented and made sure we understood the fundamentals and safety necessary for a lifetime of good diving practices. He has a gift for teaching and always led into his lessons with the end in mind. Moreover Rami made the process fun. He and his staff are really warm, hysterical people. I walked away more excited for my next dive. Flat out this was a great experience- I would recommend to anyone.

Charles – Aug. 2013

I want to touch on my shopping experience at Scuba Sensations. I go to Rami for all of my scuba diving needs and questions. I highly value one on one attention when making decisions regarding equipment that holds my life. I like going into the shop feeling like I’m the only one in the world that matters. Rami does this for every customer! Rami examines your scuba goals and help tailor equipment to match. Rami will answer all of your questions and spend as much time to help you make good choices about equipment. I personally have never mind spending my money for this kind of service.

Anthony – Jun. 2013

Scuba Sensation is amazing. My husband and I took our classroom and pool instruction from Rami and his team, and we just completed our open water dive today.  We could not have enjoyed our experience more or be any happier.  Rami and his team are great instructors. Equally as important, they are fun, friendly and fantastic people. If you are interested in scuba, this is your place.  Big thumbs up to Rami, Joe, Steve, Brad, Larry and Kit!

Joe – Mar. 2011

Rami (owner/manager) at Scuba Sensations is about as valuable a resource as one can find in the industry. As an instructor he is both knowledgeable and patient to ensure that the top notch training allows for a really enjoyable experience when you get in the water on your own.

Customer service is astounding. They will listen to your needs and make sure that you have the best solution to any equipment or travel needs.

Rob – Sep. 2012

If you’re looking for a place to get certified or take other classes, there is nothing better around! Rami and his crew are awesome, patient and well versed in all things scuba. I bought a ton of gear here and will go back next time I need something. I only have great things to say and recommend them wholeheartedly 😉

P.S. Rami loves waffles and if you bring him some, he’ll let you sleep in a bit 🙂

Jen – Jun. 2012

Rami really works with the customer to make a great purchase without battering the credit card. He is knowledgeable about gear and spends unlimited time with each customer to ensure comfort, affordability, and fit.

You could always shop the internet, but it’s truly worth it to get the personalized attention and customer service that a great shop offers.

I highly recommend Scuba Sensations, especially to those who are new to diving.

Mike – Jun 2011

I came here with no expectations and to find some info for a trip that I was taking to the Florida keys. I ended up buying the course after a very informative talk with the shop owner, Rami.

My pool sessions were intense. This guy is serious about teaching you the right stuff. He has a great sense of humor and put me at ease at every turn. Taking my mask off in the middle of a dive is not what I would call fun, but he made sure I was prepared and calm for any surprises.

Chris – Mar. 2011

If ever any one of us mortals was born to teach scuba, it would be Rami Hatamleh.

I completed my Open Water diving class and certification dives with Rami last Fall. Both experiences were as comprehensive, well-paced and fun as a novice diver is likely to have anywhere.

Steve – Mar. 2011

When it comes to dive travel, I’ve been someone who mostly traveled alone or with one dive buddy and avoided organized group trips. I took my first group trip last year with Rami and every single person had a fantastic time and each attributed it to Rami’s handling of things and personality. Now I have two more booked with him in the coming months and can’t wait!

Bob – Mar. 2011

I have known and done business with Rami for several years, both when he managed a dive shop and now that he has opened Scuba Sensations. He has always been very professional, whether selling me equipment, answering questions or planning trips. He realizes that satisfied customers are happy, and he is much more interested in seeing that your needs are met than in selling you something you don’t really need or want.