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Dive Travel


We have now been traveling with groups all over the world for over 10 years.  We’ve learned a thing or two.  We spend time researching every destination we consider before beginning the process of considering where to stay and with whom to dive.  We look for destinations that we would love to dive and we know our customers would love to dive.   We research on-line scuba discussion sites, attend industry shows and talking to fellow divers who have been to these destinations.  We also make sure we know the best time of year to dive that location.  Only after all of this do we decide on a destination and begin looking at dive centers, resorts and live-a-boards. 

What does this mean for you:  You will never experience the “it looked so different in the brochure!”.  We know what places really look like and what the diving really is like before we arrive.  You are part of a group that has already established a strong relationship with the dive resort based on our face to face visits with them and frequent phone conversations.  You are part of a group that loves diving and welcomes everyone to join us.  We always hear from the operators where we travel that our group added to their fun and that their staff want us to come back.  We (and you) are treated wonderfully by the resort because of this relationship and the power of traveling with our group.

Come talk to us about dive travel.  It is always a wonderful topic for discussion, and you might even teach us a thing or two.


Bohol & Cebu, Philippines

Magic Resorts

Mar 30 - Apr 14, 2024


Ambon & Banda Sea, Indonesia

Pindito Liveaboard

Oct 12 - 24, 2024


Cabo Pulmo & La Ventana, Mexico

Freediving Training & Mobula Migration

May - Jun, 2024


Bali & Komodo, Indonesia

alamBatu Resort & Pindito Liveaboard

Sep 3 - 19, 2025

Dive Training


Your SCUBA training should be empowering, educational and perhaps awkward and difficult at times. It should also be thrilling, fun, enjoyable, serene, and inspiring. You are learning to breathe underwater for the first time. Or you are learning to take beautiful underwater photos. Or maybe you’re ready to start exploring the caves of Mexico and Florida. Better yet, dive into the spectacular wrecks of the Great Lakes. The best way to enjoy these and countless other underwater experiences is being better prepared. Our mission is to prepare you!

Our courses focus on creating a relationship with our students by spending time with them. Classroom time gives us a chance to share aspects and experiences of SCUBA outside of course study materials. We get to understand your interests in diving as well as apprehensions. It is an opportunity to answer your questions as well as emphasize key concepts and clarify the fuzzy ones. Often, we laugh. Sometimes a beer or two is drunk and we watch shark movies getting excited about the water training.

Because of our small classes and private lessons, you get a lot of one-on-one time with your instructor. You have time and space to practice more and repeat skills until you are comfortable. Classes are different each time as we cater them to our students learning needs. We are regularly adding to and transforming our training as we learn more and see how you respond. 

Your SCUBA training is important. Take your time and find the right shop and instructor. While you are doing that, give us a call and see what all the hype is about 😉

Dive Gear

Scuba Gear

I've recently shifted my dive business focus from retail to dive training and group travel. The retail store portion is now closed, and all gear has been relocated to a climate-controlled storage locker. If you're interested in high-quality used or brand new dive gear at excellent prices, click the link below to browse what's available. Additionally, I have other items not yet listed here. If there's anything specific you're looking for, feel free to reach out and inquire.


Visit The Gear Page Here for Current Stock

About Us


With Scuba Sensations, we want you to experience more. Experience more in your training, on your dive trips, and with your gear. We want to open a world of possibilities as you fall in love with SCUBA. We strive to exceed your expectations through custom training in small class settings to build confidence and passion for the sport. We train people to be divers we want to keep diving with, and we cultivate that community through fun events and travel. Come visit us and find out what all the sensation is about. You will leave feeling excited, confident, and well-informed.

I started teaching scuba in 2008 as a way for me to work with and teach parents and their kids how to dive. After running a few programs with Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and a couple local schools, I decided I wanted more. So I opened Scuba Sensation in January of 2011. Since opening, my staff and I have worked with hundreds of new and eager divers of all ages and walks of life. Every day I teach I am reminded of how much I love SCUBA and sharing it with others. Today we continue to train new divers, as well as provide continuing education, technical diving, and fun diving opportunities for all our customers. Whether you want to work on your buoyancy, take a dive on the wrecks of Lake Michigan or travel to the Philippines and photograph the awesome Mantis Shrimp, we have something SCUBA for you.


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